Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After we had Isaac, I kind of lost my mind for a while.  If you read my marriage blog, you'll know that I was blessed with full blown postpartum depression.  Horrible stuff.  I'm thankful for God and that God allowed people to invent medication.  Anyway, not my point.  In the middle of that insanity, Dave and I decided that we *needed* to send Ethan and Noah to preschool so that I could catch my breath with three kids.  

Now that things have settled down and I'm a pro at this three kid thing (HA!), I've been able to logically process what kind of education I want for our boys.  (And by the way, when I say "I", I mean "we" because Dave is fine with anything, although slightly more in favor or homeschooling.) The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that homeschooling is the right starting choice for us.  Here's why:

1) I want to individualize their education to suit their learning styles and their needs.  Having taught in a public school for several years, I know that it is almost impossible to teach every single child in a way that is uniquely created for them.  But I can do this with my boys.

2) I cannot for the life of me understand WHY children must spend 6 hours of their day - plus homework - doing school.  When do they get to be kids?  When do they get to be BOYS and roam free and get dirty and get out that crazy energy?  I want them to learn what they need to learn and then just PLAY while they have the chance.  Your childhood is over so quickly.  

So we're still sending them to preschool next year for the pure socializing fun of it, but I also purchased a curriculum to use informally in the meantime so that when they aren't in preschool the next year, it will hopefully be a natural transition back to the home.  I fell in love with Sonlight as soon as I saw it.  Although there are worksheets where necessary, the majority of it is literature based.  It's just an enormous package of BOOKS!!!  My boys love to read so it seems like it will be a natural flow right into schoolwork.  The books are so solid, so interesting, so rich.  

Today the box of school books arrived and it was awesome.  Memories from my homeschooling years came flooding back.  Memories of boxes of aBeka books that I used to grab and page through and smell (I love the smell of new books).  It make me excited to start a new school year with a fresh new book.  When the FedEx lady handed me the package, I seriously almost cried.  Happy tears, don't worry.  

The boys were just as excited as I used to be and immediately sat down to look through everything.  This is going to be great. 


  1. Excited for you... ;)
    I use the Sonlight book list cross-referenced with Veritas' book list.
    And I could feel the joy of the FedEx delivery and smell of new books...I'm the same way.
    This summer I decided to take a break from "my" reading and to read along with the I'm trying to keep up with everything they are cruising through...Calico Captive, Caddie Woodlawn, My Side of the Mountain, Stuart Little, Cricket in Times's a fun reading stage. :)But I just finished "Go Dogs Go" with Lydi...equally enjoyable!!!

  2. this is so awesome!  I love that you are going to use sonlight.  it's what i used towards the end of my homeschool years and i really loved it.  also, i really look forward to homeschooling our future kids, and i completely agree that being able to teach them based on how they uniquely learn is so wonderful.  and giving them the time to play and be kids is so great.  thanks for sharing your journey!  it inspires me.  :)


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