Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guinea Pig Parenting

Oh my poor firstborn child...born with the curse of being the guinea pig in parenting.
He's the one who gets to experience all our trial and error the majority of the time.

We've had sort of a weird dilemma for a few weeks now.  Ethan, at age 4.5 is obviously potty trained.  He's been potty trained since he was 3.  But randomly, he's been peeing in his pants a few times a day.  I *think* it's because he doesn't want to stop what he's doing to go potty.  I started out just having very serious conversations with him about it and reminding him to go throughout the day.  Still happening.  So then I moved on to actually disciplining him for it.  I figured he needs to know that this is an important responsibility.  Not working.  And the disciplining is actually creating more problems.  Now he's lying about peeing in his pants and hiding his clothes if they're wet.  Whereas before he was just careless, now I feel like I'm actually causing him to stumble in other ways...dishonesty, deceit, shame.  So we're done with the disciplining.  I'm going to end up disciplining him for three things instead of one, which isn't really solving anything.  I made a sticker chart today; if he's dry all day and remembers to go, he gets a sticker.  If he's wet at all, he gets no sticker.  When he gets 10 stickers, we will go to the store and pick out any car he wants.  I honestly have no idea what to do.  I'm assuming this is just a phase, but I feel like he doesn't really get that it's important to not wet your pants.  

Any other suggestions?  Anyone else had this happen?


  1. YES! This was Travis. It was a phase. We had to do the reward system too and it worked. Or he was done with the phase and it was a coincidence. He still asks for jelly beans or mini marshmallows when Lj gets them for keeping her pullup dry.

  2. glad it's not just my child. I really was starting to wonder if he had a biological problem!


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