Friday, June 29, 2012

Car Geniuses We are Not

We have a garage.  It's awesome.  

What is not awesome is that sometimes, the boys sneak into my car and push buttons.  

One day a few months ago, I packed all the boys into the Pilot, hopped in, turned the key and...nothing.  Not one sound.  Ugh.  I called Dave and thankfully, he was able to swing by the house and attempt to jump start the battery.  Neither of us has ever done this.  Consequently, we had to pull out the car manual and go through it step-by-step.  It didn't work.  Ok, we thought, it must be something worse than the battery.  So we called the tow company to haul it to the dealership.  When he arrived, he asked us if we had tried to jump it, we replied in the affirmative.  Apparently, we must have appeared clueless because he decided he was going to pull out his trusty transportable battery and try to jump it.  It worked.  $30 later, he was on his way.  

Fast forward to last night.  

The car was working just fine in the morning when I backed it out of the driveway so that a dump truck could dump a pile of dirt and a pile of rocks there for the patio expansion project.  At 6pm, I went out there to go to a hair appointment, hopped in, turned the key, and all sorts of bizarre things happened.  It was like something from E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  All the dashboard lights lit up and flashed and when I turned the key, it emitted alien-like clicking and chirping.  What in the world?  

Dave and I determined that it must be the starter because the battery is only 18 months old, no kids had had access to leave doors open or lights on and because there was actually noise coming from the car.  So, at 9:25 last night, we called the tow truck.  Guess who showed up?  Yep, the same guy from a few months ago.  Guess what he did?  Yep, he pulled out his trusty transportable battery jumper and jumped it.  Guess what happened?  Yep, it worked.  

Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing.  What makes it more embarrassing is that yes, he remembered us.  In fact, he got out of the tow truck and said, "Didn't I just come here a while ago?"  "Yes....," Dave answered.  The guy shook his head, "You guys are killing me."  

Dude.  We need a serious lesson on how to jump a car.  It really can't be that hard.  And it would absolutely save us from yet another non-tragic-but-mortifying-car-situation.  Ridiculous.


  1. Maybe this will help:

  2. i would have no idea how to do anything if my car would break down, but call AAA too:) glad i'm not the only one

  3. It's easy to learn to jump a car. It is not easy for most of us to write inspiring blogs or inspire so much trust that people buy houses in a housing slump. We all have our gifts. Besides, that guy probably enjoyed that! :)


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