Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Christmastime Moments

1) The boys getting hand, foot and mouth disease...oh yes, they did.  Those random fevers I mentioned in one of my dreary posts?  Yep.  That's what that was.  Weird.  It sounds like something from the middle ages. 

2) The pink basketball hoop - Ummm, this would be my fault.  I bought the basketball hoop back in October and it sat in my closet for 2 months.  Did I notice it was pink?  Nope.  I didn't notice it until they opened the present and then it was like,'s pink.  And it isn't even a subtle shade of pink.  Pale pink rim.  Magenta post.  Lavender base.  But what could I say?  "Sorry, boys, you're not allowed to play with this because it's pink".  Right.  So.  We have a pink basketball hoop.  They don't care, but it does stand out like a sore thumb in a rough and tumble glaringly obvious boy house like ours.  Someday they'll look back at pictures from this Christmas and ask us why the heck we bought them a pink basketball hoop.

3) Little boys who loved their presents so much that they had to play with each one for at least 20 minutes before they moved on to the next one.

4) Having a 5 week old baby at Christmas: It definitely makes the Christmas story much more relatable.  When I got up to nurse in the middle of the night, I just kept thinking about how Mary did the same thing with Jesus..the God of the universe.  Dave and I watched "The Nativity Story" a few days before Christmas and we both ended up either teary or out and out crying during the birth scene. 

5) Cousin time!
All the Spence cousins - we tipped the scale this year in favor of the boy cousins!
6) Visit from the PA relatives - Nana and Papa, Great-Grandaddy and Nanna Mary, and Uncle Stephen and Rachel.

7) Entirely too much food.  This year, one family member revealed that he has a secret talent as a food artist.
Grilled cheese masquerading as a Christmas tree
8) Ethan being more excited about the Polar Express coming than that Santa was bringing presents. Mom being very concerned about how to explain why the Polar Express did not pick him up. There just really isn't a lie that would not make him depressed ("Oh, sorry, buddy...the train stopped here and called for you but you were asleep and didn't hear the missed the train")

9) Cut out cookies that just about used up every bit of sprinkles and colored sugar that I had bought.  And now I am reminded that little hand-foot-and-mouth-disease-infected hands were dipping into the sprinkles that are left...licking sprinkles off their hands and dipping right back in.  Hmmm...maybe should throw the rest away? 

10) Being a family of FIVE at Christmas!!  I love my boys!

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