Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Kids Are Con Artists

They are cute con artists, but con artists, none the less. 

The people they seem to instinctively know they can con is basically anyone other than Dave or me.  Babysitters, generally. 

They conned Dave's Aunt Judy into thinking they were allowed to turn on music for bedtime.

They conned their former babysitters into thinking they were allowed to leave the door open AND turn on music for bedtime.

They conned Auntie Em into allowing them to have a second cup of juice during snacktime.

They con me (or try to anyway) into believing that when their brother hit them, they were innocent victims who were simply minding their own business at the time of the "random" attack.  This is rarely the case.

Last night, they conned yet another babysitter into allowing them to switch bunk beds for the night, which left the three year old maniac sleeper in the top bunk. 

Apparently, they are very convincing which is somewhat disturbing.  What does that say about my parenting skills that they actively try to manipulate strangers?  Not to worry...We are working on learning the definition of "truth" and "lie" at this point.  I'm finding it's not so simple to communicate to a three year old or four year old what a lie actually is. So far all my brain can come up with is, "When you tell me a story that was pretend...something that didn't really happen...that's a lie.  Lies are bad.  We need to tell the real story."  Do they understand real? Pretend?  I don't know but that's all I've got.  Anyone else have a good way to explain truth and deception to small children?

And then there is this little bugger:

I think he could pretty much schmooze me into anything with that face.

Watch out, girls. 
You don't have a chance.

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