Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shark Attack

Beware.  I am about to reveal myself as truly entrenched in stay-at-home-mom-ness.  I am about to reveal major cleanly dorkness. Why?  Well, because I am in love...with a cleaning tool. 

The Shark steam mop.

I really think I might understand how women felt when the vacuum cleaner was invented.

Any mothers of small children (or anyone, actually), really, truly, seriously need to invest in one.  I've been lugging around a bucket and mop to clean my floors ever since I was a child, first in my parents' home, then in my own.   I vacuum first to get up all the crumbs, then mop. Of course, then the floor is soaking wet and you have to wait for it to dry.  This means that I can't mop when the boys are awake because it is a major catastrophe.  Not that I've ever tried...

I've tried the squirt and mop thing, but I always felt like I was just rubbing dirty soap around the floor.  So, when I saw this thing at a friend's house, I had to try it.  And then!  As luck would have it, Costco had a coupon for it so I bought it. 

Dave took the boys out for a walk tonight so I took the opportunity to vacuum and try out the new steam mop.  One word: amazing.  No bucket.  No chemicals.  No soaking wet floor. Just plug it in and mop like you are vacuuming.  The floor is only steam cleaned which also means it's sanitized.  And believe me, with all the germs that float around this house of two VERY germy, snotty children, I need that.   I can now mop the floor with the kids awake instead of waiting for naptime. 

Sigh...my life has been transformed.


  1. I also have one and it is great for tile floors.

    Surely, my grandsons are not snotty!


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